Saturday, October 25, 2008

we have drywall!

Here are some pictures from our newly drywalled house! We are very excited to see how things are progressing. Now it is actually starting to look like a house! Hopefully these pictures will make the layout of things a little more clear to those of you who have not gotten the chance to see things in person yet!

this is up in the loft:

from the kitchen looking into the living room:

from the living room looking at the kitchen and front door:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

House update

They are moving right along on our house. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. This week they are putting the stucco on the outside of the house and working to get the inside insulated and ready for drywall! We are probably only a month away from move in!


Last weekend we went down to Cape Henlopen in Lewes, DE for an overnight camping trip. We've wanted to go all summer but were trying to wait for cooler weather -- and we got an amazing weekend!

We started out a little rough. The one thing we forgot to bring was extra matches, and the only ones we had with us were the flimsy paper ones. Since it was windy when we were trying to light our stove we ran out of matches and decided to go to Moe's for lunch instead! It worked out well; Moe's hit the spot and we found a store to buy some more matches. Not too funny at the time, but we can look back and laugh now.

We took a long walk to the beach and then on the beach. The day was beautiful, with just a bit of fall in the air. We cooked pizza pockets in the coals of the fire that night and made s'mores, which all turned out amazing. Got up for sunrise the next morning (which was late, around 7) and made a nice breakfast of pancakes and eggs. It was a very relaxing time, and we enjoyed hanging out just the two of us!


looking a little sleepy still...

yep thats my husband!