Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Driving to Vermont

Earlier in August we visited family in Vermont.

Have I mentioned that these kiddos travel so well?

We woke them up early to start the drive.

Our lunch stop south of Albany. The weather was perfect and everyone was happy to get out of the car and eat! Our plan was for nap once we got back in the car, but alas the kids were way too excited and nap didn't happen!

About an hour from our destination we stopped at the bridge between Vermont and New York to run around at the Fort at Crown Point.

They were so sick of being in the car at this point and the wide open spaces were perfect for running!

Checking out the bridge...

The fort, used during the war of 1812.

Here is a look at what is left at the fort.

We got to look around inside the buildings and Emma especially loved it.

Beautiful sky!

A fireplace

This is Emma's "wow this is so awesome!" look!


We walked around the fort way up high

And then back to the car :-(

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Disney Key

I'm going back a few months (!) on this post. These pictures just got passed over with the whirlwind of catch-up posts in July. The Disney Store at Christiana Mall had an overhaul somewhat recently, and is even cooler than the awesomeness that I remember as a little kid!
A lot of the store is interactive and Emma and Will had fun looking around at the different displays and things. But the big reason we went was so that Emma could open the store! When they open at 10 am, they let a child help in typical Disney fashion. It was such a blast for all of us.
The people who worked at the store talked with us beforehand, got Emma's name (and proceeded to call her Princess Emma), and told her what to expect and do. Then...10 am...the music and lights started! And one of the employees began the slow march down the river road through the store holding the key to the store above her head. At this point Emma was completely mesmerized.

They brought the key out to Emma and she helped put it in the keyhole and turn to unlock the rope across the entrance.

They also gave her a replica of the key to the Disney store to keep! Highly recommended (free!) morning mall activity!

And here's a look at her key.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Growing Up

At some point in the last two weeks, Emma decided (completely on her own) that we are Mom and Dad. Once in a while, usually when she is whining and tired, it's still Mommy or Daddy. But 95% of time it's Mom and Dad.

What a stinker. Isn't 3 a little early??? She sounds SO grown up!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Wedding

The day after the Orioles game, we drove up to Reading, PA for a family wedding at this castle.

It turned out to be a beautiful day (a little rain early in the afternoon had completely cleared, and the downpour waited until the reception had already begun).

Congratulations, Heather and Kyle!

In between the ceremony and reception we took some pictures to take advantage of the venue!

( shoes are purple!)

Great picture!

First dance

Heather is very crafty and talented and made all of the decorations, place settings, ect herself!

A Mac n cheese bar...I added crab, lobster, and bacon to mine :-)


And Martin went back for seconds

A mashed potato bar in martini glasses

And the ice cream and cupcake bar for favorite cake...chocolate with peanut butter icing!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making coffee

At breakfast recently, Will announced "I makin coffee! I makin coffee Mommy!"

Cup, filter, and grounds all in place. That's my son!

He finished the last sip of my coffee one day and walked away muttering to himself, "a nice treat. A nice treat!"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Orioles Game!

Last weekend we made a trip to Baltimore, and started things off with an early dinner at Pizza John's!

Delicious pizza!

We all had our O's shirts on and Emma and Will kept singing "take me out to the ball game" at the top of their lungs, so it was pretty obvious what we were doing that evening.

We polished off that pizza.

Outside Pizza Johns...

Next stop, Oriole Park at Camden Yards!

It was a really hot and humid night, but we had so much fun. It was Will's first Orioles game, so we went and got his certificate for the game.
Emma had been looking forward to it for days and wearing her hat all week.

with their little ball gloves...

And Omi and Pap Pap

Go O's!

Emma had also been looking forward to "chocolate ice cream in a hat with sprinkles" and she loved every bite.

Will ate rather... ferociously.

Both kiddos loved the "charge" cheer too. We hear that around the house quite a bit now!

It was a really long game, a complete slugfest that was pretty ugly all-around. We left in the top of the ninth at 11 pm because everyone was beat. Will fell asleep right at the end of the game and didn't open an eye the whole walk to the car, getting in the carseat, the ride home, or the transfer (and diaper change) at the house!

Here is a video of how Emma and Will talk to each other through their wall...this time singing together!