Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Orioles Game!

Last weekend we made a trip to Baltimore, and started things off with an early dinner at Pizza John's!

Delicious pizza!

We all had our O's shirts on and Emma and Will kept singing "take me out to the ball game" at the top of their lungs, so it was pretty obvious what we were doing that evening.

We polished off that pizza.

Outside Pizza Johns...

Next stop, Oriole Park at Camden Yards!

It was a really hot and humid night, but we had so much fun. It was Will's first Orioles game, so we went and got his certificate for the game.
Emma had been looking forward to it for days and wearing her hat all week.

with their little ball gloves...

And Omi and Pap Pap

Go O's!

Emma had also been looking forward to "chocolate ice cream in a hat with sprinkles" and she loved every bite.

Will ate rather... ferociously.

Both kiddos loved the "charge" cheer too. We hear that around the house quite a bit now!

It was a really long game, a complete slugfest that was pretty ugly all-around. We left in the top of the ninth at 11 pm because everyone was beat. Will fell asleep right at the end of the game and didn't open an eye the whole walk to the car, getting in the carseat, the ride home, or the transfer (and diaper change) at the house!

Here is a video of how Emma and Will talk to each other through their wall...this time singing together!


ChewBecca said...

Hahahahah oh my gosh, I lost it so many different times throughout this movie. That is SO funny!!

"Where'd ya go Emma??"
"You would like to sing it again will?"

and on and on and on it goes... how long do they keep that up for?? Hahaha so cute!

Anonymous said...

Is Will wearing a leftie glove?!?!?!??? :) And the "ferocious" face is hilarious!!

guitargirl75 said...

oh, my, oh, my! Well, they are in the right family at least! And, Yes, Sarah, Will has a lefty glove!