Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

A few more Vermont Pictures

These last few are a bit random. Some pool pictures,

I love this one even though its blurry, Emma's eyebrows are great!

Will looks so much like Martin in this one

This little shop in town is a coffee and wine joint!

And our final stop on the way out of town was taking the kids to the country store for penny candy.

They loved it!

The rude home was uneventful,


And naps

And home again!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shelburn Farms

Every time we visit Vermont, this farm is on the visit list. It's only 5 minutes away and offers lots of different things to do.

A tractor ride...

The morning chicken parade...

This was a hit with the kids!

The chickens are used to being touched,

and even held!

Then we went into the chicken coop and both Emma and Will gathered eggs from the nests.

Big helper!

We waited in quite a line to milk the cow, and Emma and Will both tried their hand!

There were several pens with other farm animals too

This baby cow was just one week old!

As I flipped through the pictures, a common theme was Will attempting to join the animals in their pens. The milk cow...

A baby cow

Can't get through there,

So I'll just hop on over here!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sailing, saing

We had great weather in Vermont, except that there was basically no wind. So, instead of going for sails, we mostly drifted :) which made it really easy for the kiddos to play all over the boat.


Will and Daddy

Just chilling, eating my cookie.

Emma especially loved going up and down and through everywhere.

She and Will played in the V-berth quite a bit.

Emma would open and close the door...

And Will hung out below, even with the door shut!

He found a little door that he could open too.

Look at this cutie in action!

She even called the launch to come and pick us up the last day!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Just Chilling

Well, I'm hoping that the craziness has settled down enough that I can really get caught up on my blogging! I am bursting with pictures to share, and still have most of them from our Vermont trip, so that's were we'll pick things back up!

Emma and Will had a blast with the trains, and Emma even did a little bit of driving herself.

They also "played" music together, taking turns between the piano and the "drums".

We blew A TON of bubbles! The weather was not too warm, so we spent a good bit of time out on the porch swinging and blowing bubbles.

Emma has gotten quite good at it, but Will still wants us to do it for him.

Everyone got in on the bubble action!
Will was excited and talking about how he pooped in the potty on the side of the road on the way up (he also did this on the way home...)
We did a playground circuit tour of the four nearby playgrounds.

The tire swings were a big hit!

I love this cute one of Emma and Daddy hanging out on the hammock!

more adventures to come...