Friday, August 17, 2012

The Disney Key

I'm going back a few months (!) on this post. These pictures just got passed over with the whirlwind of catch-up posts in July. The Disney Store at Christiana Mall had an overhaul somewhat recently, and is even cooler than the awesomeness that I remember as a little kid!
A lot of the store is interactive and Emma and Will had fun looking around at the different displays and things. But the big reason we went was so that Emma could open the store! When they open at 10 am, they let a child help in typical Disney fashion. It was such a blast for all of us.
The people who worked at the store talked with us beforehand, got Emma's name (and proceeded to call her Princess Emma), and told her what to expect and do. Then...10 am...the music and lights started! And one of the employees began the slow march down the river road through the store holding the key to the store above her head. At this point Emma was completely mesmerized.

They brought the key out to Emma and she helped put it in the keyhole and turn to unlock the rope across the entrance.

They also gave her a replica of the key to the Disney store to keep! Highly recommended (free!) morning mall activity!

And here's a look at her key.


guitargirl75 said...

Dad and I have concluded, Disney was ever the best.

Beth Anne said...

Indeed! A little taste of Disney world in your own neighborhood :-)

Adrian and Meredith said...

I love that store. Have you been there for the thunderstorm?