Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Driving to Vermont

Earlier in August we visited family in Vermont.

Have I mentioned that these kiddos travel so well?

We woke them up early to start the drive.

Our lunch stop south of Albany. The weather was perfect and everyone was happy to get out of the car and eat! Our plan was for nap once we got back in the car, but alas the kids were way too excited and nap didn't happen!

About an hour from our destination we stopped at the bridge between Vermont and New York to run around at the Fort at Crown Point.

They were so sick of being in the car at this point and the wide open spaces were perfect for running!

Checking out the bridge...

The fort, used during the war of 1812.

Here is a look at what is left at the fort.

We got to look around inside the buildings and Emma especially loved it.

Beautiful sky!

A fireplace

This is Emma's "wow this is so awesome!" look!


We walked around the fort way up high

And then back to the car :-(

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