Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lord of the Rings

This is a puzzle that we got for Christmas (thanks mom d.!) and put together last week. Its very cool, with lots of contrast between light and dark, and very middle ages looking too. Some of the symbols were very lord of the rings (the 3 rings for the elves, the one ring in the center) but there were a lot that probably just looked cool, so thats why they were added (the yin yang, random flowers and shields along the edges). It was also a little odd to see the characters that were picked to be in the puzzle. They were all main characters, Bilbo and Gollum, Gandalf, the witch king, Legolas and Gimli, Boramir and Faramir...but no Frodo and Sam or Aragorn! sadness...lol (just for you Becca). Anyhow, we liked it, it was fun to put together, and that was a highlight of the week!

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