Friday, July 24, 2009

Church Street

We ended up with a day to ourselves because the family had to take a quick trip to Maine. Laura, Martin's sister, qualified for a sailing regatta on Friday morning, so we spent most of the day in Burlington.

Church Street is in the heart of the city and is a pedestrian street filled with shops, vendors, and restaurants. Its full of color and music (street musicians)

At one end is Burlington's City Hall.

And the church steeple at the other end of Church Street:

Last time in Vermont we visited the Ben & Jerry's factory, but this time we just got a picture!

We visited this store, Second Time Around, an upscale consignment store. They had a ton of clothes (some priced over $100 because it was designer!)

We did some exploring, just driving around Burlington. This is a view of the University of Vermont campus, where Martin almost went to college.

We passed this motor trike. It was HUGE!

Burlington is right on Lake Champlain, and there is a nice walking path along the water.

Down by the water there was a gigantic adirondack chair that made for some fun pictures!

itty bitty munchkin:

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InDeeds said...

yikes, munchkin does look quite small in that big chair!