Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow in Delaware!

We are excited about the snow! Last year we had a dusting or two, and the "big snow" of the year was maybe an inch or two. Well it started snowing during the night, and we have close to a foot now - which is TONS for our area. It is still snowing hard, too.

Martin shoveled around 3 and you can hardly tell that he did anything just a few hours later.

We bundled Emma up in my old snowsuit and took her outside for just a few minutes. She was so cute getting ready, as if she new that something new and exciting was happening!

Typical Emma having fun - with tongue out!

The view out our front door now (taken through the storm door which the snow is up against so high again that we can't get it open)


Rebecca said...

hahhaha I LOVE it!!! I think I laughed for about a minute at the picture of Emma and Martin :D

Mrs. Jenk said...

love the sweet snow pics! On the baby blocks, I think the blocks cost me about $1 per block, but the wood at HL is about 50 cents per block which would bring the costs down.

Lindsay Anne Bell Griswold said...

Adorable pictures! Stay safe in all that snow!

InDeeds said...

What fun! And to think that I missed all the excitement!