Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Remember when Will had the circulation cut off because of hair and fuzz wrapped around his toe? Well, it must have made a powerful impression on Emma because she is obsessed with looking for fuzz in her toes. And Will's toes.

The other day she was very diligent about hunting down offensive fuzz.

Note that her socks are off as well.

(This was not a one-time fuzz-picking of Will's feet. Just the only time I have taken photos!)


InDeeds said...

Aww, she is so thoughtful!

guitargirl75 said...

Hahahaha! This makes me think of one time we had Emma in the car, and she says, "Shoes?" and then I heard a thump. Then, she says, "Socks?" So, I said, "Are you taking your socks off too?" "Yah." Then she says, "Puzz". It also looks like Will doesn't mind the extra attention!

Anonymous said...

When she gets a little older, you can give her the tweezers and let her practice on Pap Pap's old man ear hairs, just like Mommy! Appears to be an inherited talent!


Sarah said...

Too funny! This really made me laugh!!! So sweet.