Saturday, June 11, 2011

Every 5 minutes

Will loves playing on his own now. Its great to see how well he entertains himself and is getting so much more independent. I decided to take a picture of him every 5 minutes during his play time the other day to try to capture what it looks like from our end of things.

Start: basket full of toys.

5 minutes in: basket and Will have both scooted, still a few toys inside.

10 minutes in: basket is mostly empty and a little more scooting

15 minutes in: Where's Will?

Oh there you are, Will! Book corner time!

20 minutes in: Will is tuckered out! Time for nap!


InDeeds said...

What a clever idea! And so cute that he got so tired at the end!

guitargirl75 said...

Oh, the preciousness! Was he really asleep, or just resting? What a good boy, I can hardly wait to see him again. And Emma obviously was otherwise occupied. ;-)

Beth Anne said...

Not asleep...he would lay his head down for a little then look up at me as if to say, where's my bed I'm ready!