Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nine Months Old

Will is nine months old today! (Which incidentally means that Emma is 30 months old....officially two and a half!) We'll find out all of his 9-month stats on Friday when we go for his check-up.

Will loves to eat! Actually loves might be an understatement. He also eats a ton. And ton is definitely an understatement! Some nights he eats more table food for dinner than Emma! His favorite foods include avocado (below), beans, chicken, banana, peach, yogurt, egg yolk, watermelon...well, basically anything. He has never rejected a food. In fact, his least favorite things to eat are cheerioes and kix. If they are on his tray with any other table food, he will leave them until last and even let them sit and beg for more "regular" food!

We think that Will is left handed! I am particularly excited, as I think of having a lefty pitcher in the family... He always feeds himself with his left hand, and while I'm sure the doctor would tell me that its too early to tell, Emma always used her right and he has always used his left. Perhaps it has something to do with his lefty Great Pap-Pap and his lefty Great Uncle Bill??

Will's newest skills are pulling up on everything. He is happiest when he is standing. He recently started doing this too:

Maybe he'll go from an army crawl to all fours??

Bath time has become quite a challenge because of Will's desire to stand. At least in the little bin of water he's not going to hit his head on anything!


And sometimes Will thinks he can walk. He lets go with one hand and lunges forward....
His cruising skills are still pretty slow. He mostly stands and reaches for something, but is starting to shuffle his hands and feet to walk along.

He is a truly happy kid! 

Emma and Will have begun to really play with each other. They will sit on the floor and make each other laugh, playing on their own. Here Emma is spraying water in Will's mouth...he could not get enough of it, and they both thought it was too funny!

 Will recently enjoyed his time at the Children's Museum. They have a great play area for crawlers!

We love you so much, Will! Its been fun to see all of the amazing changes in your life over the last several months. We can't wait to see how you continue to grow and pray that God will help us to continue to faithfully love and parent you.

Love, Daddy

and Mommy


Sarah said...

So sweet, BA! Have you thought about printing these out or saving them so the kids can see them when they're bigger?

And I so hope Will is a lefty!! Can you imagine his lefty side-arm slinging it across the plate - no one would be able to touch him!! Major leagues, here we come!!

Beth Anne said...

Yeah the o's could use a good pitcher! I know here are services that will make your blog into a bound book, I really should look into it!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! So thankful!

InDeeds said...

Yay for a potential lefty! I am secretly hoping Phoebe will inherit my left-handedness!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I notice that Emma is rockin' the Princess Leiea hairdo also!!!!

Great Oma said...

Thanks B.A. What sweet kids. I think about all of you (and the other parts of the family) all the time. You are all what makes me happy and fulfilled.