Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Photo Essay: By Emma

Emma got her hands on the camera recently and proceeded to take a number of pictures before I realized that she even had the camera! Of course, she wanted to see them all, and once I flipped through and showed her, I realized that they were actually pretty decent, especially considering she is not-quite-three. 

Her pictures also gave me a little glimpse into her world - how life looks from her perspective a little closer to the floor. And of all the things she could photograph, she picked out what was most important to her and snapped those things.

First up, bread rising in the sun.
Emma loves helping make bread. The act of bread rising is fascinating to her.

The bin of new library books.
Emma would read books pretty much all day long.

Will's new Zoo toy.
The two of them have so much fun playing with this together.

Her most favorite "play thing".

The little rocking chair.
Perfect place for reading books or rocking her babies.

 Our large cardboard box boat.
 Imagination at its finest.

Her toy vacuum.
It makes noise and collects fuzz. What's not to like?

 A picture of some clothes I was preparing to sell.
She imitated me taking pictures of things to list on eBay.

Our living room.
A little messy, perfect for playing.



Anonymous said...

Give Miss Emma a hug for Pap Pap and tell her I loved seeing the pictures she took!

JP said...

These actually are pretty decent photos. I hope we can all nurture her creativity, rather than accidentally teach her that the things she sees as important are stupid.

KAP said...

Good job Emma! Your Aunt Becca (and the rest of us) should be proud of you!

GrandMomPat said...

Tell Emma I enjoyed her photo essay too. Can't wait to see her and give her a big hug. I am thinking she may need her own camera for Christmas??

guitargirl75 said...

Precious! And Beth Anne, you did a wonderful job interpreting Emma's way of looking at her life. I think it was spot-on! Emma (and Will) are lucky kids to have a mother who is that perceptive!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I love your description of the toy vacuum..."makes noise and collects fuzz"...JUST LIKE WILL!!! No wonder Emma likes them both!! :)

InDeeds said...

For being not-quite-three, her photo skills are superb!