Thursday, October 25, 2012

A trip to the Zoo

Last month (wow, time flies!) we met up with some friends who live in Baltimore while we were over visiting and took a day trip to the Baltimore Zoo. Emma had been 2 years ago when Will was T-one month to his birthday :)

Excited for the tram ride!

Smile! It was a cool morning but warmed up perfectly.

Our first stop was the "fairy dogs"

 Checking out the Polar Bear...

Everyone trying to get a look at the zebras.

Zebras, ostriches, and rinos.

Will, trying to climb up for a better look at the cheetah (some things haven't changed).

We found the giraffes!

Inside the monkey house. There was a baby, but it is really hard to spot.

And the chimps were outside since it was such a nice day.

Will started to get tired and took a break in the princess stroller. (This used to be Emma's stroller too!)

Emma and Phoebe, holding hands.

Pretending to ride the horses.

Brushing the goats...

And Will was thrilled to ride the tram (its a train! A train!) back to the front of the zoo.

Hugs goodbye...

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InDeeds said...

Haha, we did post about it on the same day. How funny! You got some great pictures!