Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Emma's 4th birthday

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since Emma's birthday! She had such a blast counting down the days with her paper chain, taking pictures to see how grown up she is now, and anticipating her birthday cake.

She really loves to get her picture taken now and it was fun to see her silly and fun side come out in some of these pictures.

I asked Emma the same questions from last year and it was fun to see her responses. She really enjoyed her "interview"

We put a few on her chalkboard for the pictures, but here is the whole list.

Emma's favorite things at 4:
Food: pizza and tacos and tomatoes
Drink: pink lemonade
Candy: ring pop
Outfit: red shirt dress
Color: pink and teal

Movie: Cinderella and The Sound of Music
Song: Joy to the world and Jesus paid it all
Best friend: Will

Book: Charlie and the chocolate factory and The Nutcracker
Preschool activity: phonics and coloring in the lines the sheets from the library
Activity with mom: reading chapter books
Activity with dad: reading

Emma was so excited with her Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Cake! She requested in weeks earlier and talked about it nearly every day.

The cake before the cotton candy started melting:

A few close-ups.

Happy birthday, Emma!

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guitargirl75 said...

Love, love ,love the pictures! And the girl!