Monday, October 19, 2009

Emma and Owen

A few weeks ago we had our friend Owen with us for the day. He and Emma had fun together and I enjoyed getting to see them play together. We had a busy day - we went up to the Can-Do Playground north of Wilmington with our neighbors.

Owen enjoyed the giant sandbox:

Emma freaked out. We're going to have to work on the prissy-ness :-)

One of the coolest things about the playground is that they have large swings that are made for a parent to be able to sit with a child on their lap. I thought it would make a cute picture to stick Owen and Emma in together!

When we left the playground, Emma and Owen passed toys back and forth to each other in the back seat!

We stopped by the Riverfront in Wilmington and had lunch with Martin.

What a fun day!


guitargirl75 said...

sounds just like a homeschool field trip!

Rebecca said...

so the last couple posts you've put up Emma's been wearing some pretty sweet bows in her hair. I wonder where she got them from...they make her 100 times cuter than she already is. just sayin :P

Sarah said...

Aww...I am so grateful for you to take such wonderful care of my baby. It really makes me so happy to know what a fun day he had! THANK YOU so much for serving us. It is so appreciated.

I am glad that Owen has a new friend in Emma too. :)

Great Oma said...

Could she possibly have gotten her Great Uncle Bill's aversion to SAND????