Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last week it was so nice everyday...the picturesque fall feel. We had really been wanting to get some family pictures done, so here's what we ended up with:

What do you think?


InDeeds said...

Very nicely done!

Rebecca said...

me likey!!! however, I think that maybe you need some more taken... by me..with my dslr...this weekend..hehehe :D I really like the one of you in front of the brick wall, you look pretty and skinny and I like that shirt :)

love you!

Anonymous said...

so pretty!!! I love love LOVE the one of Emma on the ground looking up at you :) soooooo precious and totally my new background. and of course BA you look gorgeous as usual and Martin actually got a normal smile in a picture! ;) where did you take these?

oh and I totally agree with poops that she should take some more this weekend.