Friday, January 8, 2010

Emma in the snow

A few weeks ago when we had the big snow, I took Emma out to get some pictures of her sitting in it. Well, lets just say that she was less than impressed with the snow and looked pretty much like this every time I tried to sit her down in it:

We got our second snow of the week (!!) this morning, so I thought I would try with her again. Instead of crying the whole time she whimpered a bit and looked pensive. Then I guess she got more used to the snow and settled for content:

And even took a closer look at the snow. looks like I used a cool effect on this picture, but I just dumped the camera in the snow accidentally and the fogginess is from the snow...

Emma even settled for pretending to play with the snow. This is her "I cannot look like I am enjoying this but I will move my hand back and forth in this crazy white stuff"


Anonymous said...

hahaha the first one is priceless! but I love your caption for the last one. very cute I miss her!!!!! (and you too!!)

InDeeds said...

She is so cute all bundled up like that!