Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emma is 1!

Emma arrived right on time (well, 2 days after her due date) at 10:58am January 13th. She shares her birthday with her Aunt Laura!

Emma's first snow was on the way home from the hospital, but we went out in her snow suit a few weeks later.

Emma's familiar smile, way back on February 2nd.

We had some warm days in March, so Emma got outdoors early. She wasn't sure what to make of the wind initially:

Emma started talking and laughing in April. She also rolled over for the first time!

In May Emma grew in leaps and bounds. She enjoyed a trip to Miami to see Uncle Evan and Aunt Sarah graduate. She learned to hold onto things, and loves baseballs.

At the end of the month she began to sit up by her self!

June was a fun month for all of us. Emma began to love sitting and playing with things. She started singing along to music and eating cereal.

In July Emma had her first pizza crust at Pizza Johns. Daddy was so proud!

We also took a trip to Vermont, and Emma loved getting outside, especially on the sailboat.

Uncle Evan and Aunt Sarah got married on August 15th, and Emma was the honorary flower girl. She looked so grown up in her pretty white dress!

We also took Emma to the beach for the first time. She was less than thrilled with the sand and the cold water, though she loved being outside.

Emma's first Orioles game was in September, and she cheered the Birds on to victory! She wore Mommy's old O's shirt and took a nap through the middle few innings.

In September we captured that smile again. This is one of Daddy and Mommy's favorite pictures of Emma. Emma also began to sign "more" at meals.

We did a family photo shoot in October and captured some great memories of our happy little munchkin. Emma was also dedicated to the Lord at our church.

We had a warm November, so we took lots of walks with our friends (and neighbors) Alex and Avery. Emma learned to turn pages in her books, and sat and pointed through them. She also loves the ceiling fans, and learned to sign "fan" and wave goodbye.

In December Emma started clapping, taking steps, and then walking by herself! Wow! She enjoyed the wrapping paper at Christmas, and loves to eat "real" food.

We had such a fun time as a family the days before Christmas when Martin was off work.



We love you so much and we are so thankful that God has entrusted us with raising you. We pray that He would make Himself known to you, save you, grow you into a Godly woman, and use to to make a great impact for His Kingdom! You have brought us so much joy this past year. We are loving watching you grow up. You have helped us to grow this year too. We've learned to trust God to protect you. We've learned that we cannot rely on our own strength to make it in life, especially as parents! We've learned that we need to seek the Lord first in order to be the best parents that we can be for you.

This next year we are looking forward to watching you develop your toddler skills. We can't wait to have a conversation with you in English. We want to pray for you more this year, so that as you develop and grow physically we can help you to grow spiritually as well. Happy 1st Birthday little munchkin!

We love you and are privileged to be,

Your Daddy and Mommy


Anonymous said...

awwww I miss the little munchkin so much!!! what a great compilation of all that has gone on the past year, it's hard to believe that she can change and grow so much in just one year. I hope she has a great day and keep showing her that photo album of us so she doesn't forget us!! Love you all :)

Great Oma said...

That's a great display and story Beth Anne. I know she brings you joy, and you cannot imagine what JOY she brings me. Think of it---I've gone through this THREE times, first, our own, then our granddaughters and now great-granddaughter. I know Opa knows and sees what is going on. WOW!!!!

guitargirl75 said...

What a beautiful tribute! I am so proud of you and Martin, and what you both have accomplished and learned in such a short period. Emma is so fortunate to have you as parents, and I look forward to watching all of you as you grow together. Love, Omi

GrandMomPat said...

that is so beautiful, brought tears to my eyes, Emma is such a blessing for all of us. She has wonderful parents to guide her. I am so very thankful.
Love you

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all of the above...love, Pap Pap

AdrianMeredith said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Emma! Lovely post, BA. She's growing up so fast!