Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Morning!

Emma, smile!

Why would I want to smile, Mommy? Its the middle of breakfast and I'm hungry!

See, I just want more to eat.

Ok, I guess I could give you a little smile.

Actually, this smiling bit isn't half bad.

Haha, its sooo much fun, Mommy!


InDeeds said...

Haha, all the pictures are adorable...though I think the first one may be my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Best. Post. Ever.


Rebecca said...

OHmygosh I just LOVE her!!! BA she looks like such a little girl......... ahhh I can hardly believe it!! that one photo of her smiling with her lips pursed together makes her look tons older than she is. I miss her. I miss you too.... hopefully I will see you next weekend!?!! :D

GrandMomPat said...

loved those pics, she gets cuter and cuter every day, really makes me smile too