Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Several weeks ago now (I'm falling behind!) we had an Easter Egg Hunt with our playgroup friends from church. I wasn't sure how Emma would do, especially because there was a steady drizzle coming down. The first egg she picked up she dropped immediately, shaking her hand to get the water off! (so prissy) Then she got the hang of it.

First I set the basket down next to an egg to help her.

She got it!
Then she decided she could carry her basket around by herself.

AND put the eggs in it at the same time!

Not quite a smile, but I'm pretty sure she had fun!

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Great Oma said...

Didn't take that smart little girl to learn what to do. I have pictures of you, B.A. and Jeanine doing the same thing in our back yard on Magnolia Ave at about the same age as Emma. I don't know what I would do without this blog-----miss all of you even more I guess. Love you.