Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Weekend

We had an awesome but crazy weekend. Emma and I picked Martin up from work in Wilmington on Friday and headed to Ellicott City. Sarah was in town from Miami, and we had dinner with the family from Hagerstown. Late Friday night we piled in the van with my parents, Sarah, and Oma, and drove to Greenville, NC. We got to Becca's apartment around 2:30 in the morning and Becca ran down the sidewalk to greet us.

We had a relaxing morning on Saturday with plenty of sister time

Boberry biscuits!

And Emma loved hanging out with everyone

Playing peek-a-boo with Pap pap

Snuggling with Aunt Becca

Emma loved playing with the luggage cart at the hotel!

The big reason for us going down was to hear Becca sing with the Maggie Bells, an acapella group of girls. They were so good! We all really loved the music, and the girls were great. They sang a wide variety of music from the Beatles to Lady GaGa to Journey. Becca was also the musical director for the group, so she was responsible for starting each song in the right key and tempo.
Emma actually enjoyed the show more than anyone there! She was totally mesmerized for a good 45 minutes. She clapped along with the girls during the songs, and mimicked them dancing with her hands over her head and bouncing on our laps. She had a cracker in her hand at one point, but was SO into clapping that she smashed the cracker to bits :-)

Becca had a solo during the Beatles medley.

We drove back to Maryland late Saturday night, getting in around 1am, so earlier than the night before! It was so nice to get some sleep Sunday morning...even Emma slept until 9:30.

A tired Sunday morning picture

We weren't done there, but headed home via our friends' new house in Baltimore, where we ended up hanging out through dinner.

It was quite a weekend, but such a blast too. Martin and I enjoyed the time in the car to talk and read, and Emma was really great the entire time also.


Anonymous said...

We really loved it too! And don't forget Emma's "performance" during Becca's concert - she was so sweet! Love, Dad

guitargirl75 said...

It was a sweet time with ALL of you! Thanks so much for going with us. Special memories of our time together.