Thursday, July 22, 2010


Friday afternoon we traveled north of Wilmington to get our double stroller (check out the full story on Thrifty Living). We planned to go out to Jake's for burgers afterwards and were really looking forward to seeing what Emma would do with her own burger! (Kids get a free meal when you buy an adult meal!)

She ended up eating about half of her burger, which is a pretty good feat, considering how many fries she ate too! She did a great job feeding herself, with only a little help. Things got much more distracting when she realized there was a tomato on her burger...this kid LOVES tomatoes!


Anonymous said...

SUCH a girly-girl - look at that pinky sticking up! ;)

guitargirl75 said...

I don't know, Sarah, I was thinking she's gonna be an HFG the way she eats!