Thursday, October 21, 2010

Out as a family of four

Martin is back to work today, but we loved having him home for a whole week! We took advantage of the time together and the mild weather to get out of the house a number of times.
We went to the playground on Monday and Emma had a blast climbing all around and going down the slides. Will slept in the stroller the whole time. Really he fell asleep before we even got him in the car, so its quite possible that he didn't even realize he had left the house!

Yesterday we headed up to Costco in the morning. Emma loves the samples, and again, Will did a great job sleeping the whole time. They sat next to each other in the cart and Emma reached in to hold Will's hand a few times.

We are looking forward to the weekend and some more great family time!


InDeeds said...

Emma is quite possibly the sweetest older sister ever!

Anonymous said...

Emma is INDEED the sweetest older sister ever!!! ;)

Adrian and Meredith said...

Saw you three out for a walk today. Kudos to you for getting out and about . . . I'm actually quite impressed that you braved Costco so soon!

Great Oma said...

Oh, that's so sweet. I need to get her a big sister shirt. I'll look into it. Love you all. Oma

GrandMomPat said...

sweet like her Daddy