Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Going Shopping

This past weekend we spent some time down at the outlets. We had some Christmas money to spend and made a day of it to get out of the house. 

Emma was especially excited because she had birthday money specifically to buy clothes. She loves shopping; everything she sees is "so cute" and she tells us "I love this so much". She is also a thoughtful shopper, and is constantly suggesting items for Will, Daddy, Mommy, etc.

We were at the Gap outlet waiting for Martin to finish trying some things on and the kids clothes is right next to the fitting rooms, so I was looking at some things for Emma and Will. Emma found a yellow polka dot shirt and declared it "so cute, I love it Mommy, I want this one!" It was adorable to be sure, and we were planning to let her pick out her own clothes (within reason). So we talked about it.

We told her that since it was more expensive (it must have been part of the brand new spring line) she needed to realize that if she spent her money on this shirt she could probably only get one other outfit. But, if we shopped around a little more she could end up getting 3 or 4 outfits somewhere else. Her decision: 3 or 4 outfits!

We opted for the Children's Place, gave her a big bag, and I followed her around while she picked out her favorites. Here's a look at her haul!

Not too shabby! Her first pick was her flip flops. She has been asking for flip flops for 8 months easily, so it was exciting of all of us to see her get to buy them! She also picked out a hat and a summer dress. And since I bought several pairs of shorts at the end of summer, I encouraged her to pick shirts instead. 

Trying out her new flip flops at home (incidentally, she was dying to try them on in the store, so she plopped down in the middle of the racks, pulled off her boots and socks, and shuffled around in them while still strapped together).

Her hat:

And posing in a new outfit (Mommy, my shirt matches my flip flops!)

She handed over her money and the cashier gave her back change.

It was such a fun experience for her, and a great way to start learning about money, too!

Cute, cute! We can't wait for warmer weather!


Anonymous said...

OH, cute cute is so right! :)

guitargirl75 said...

Beth Anne, you never cared so much about your clothes! How did you manage to get a fashion maven for a daughter? Haha, I enjoyed thinking about Emma picking out her clothes at 3 years old! She is too grown up already!