Sunday, February 5, 2012


Saturday was monumental for our household - both Emma and Will had their first haircuts!

We are planning to have Emma's hair cut by a professional soon, but wanted to see how she did with just a little trim first. She loved it!

She did a great job sitting still on her stool and following instructions.

And my job was easy...

since I only cut off about 1/2 inch!

Here's most of Emma's hair...I guess it's almost hard to call that an actual haircut! It really does look different, since everything is even in the back now.

Next up...Will! He was much more challenging, especially since we decided that the clippers would be easier than scissors. We let him feel the clippers hum and vibrate and he enjoyed that, but wasn't especially excited when we first started cutting his hair. He did much better for the second half than the first half!

Probably because halfway through we got a lollipop for him. He sat much better!

He looks so different; we kept doing double takes most of yesterday.

But we really do love it and he still looks adorable, just like an adorable little boy instead of a toddler.

He totally went to town on the lollipop, even with it covered in hair.

And the clippings from Will's head....much more going on there!


Sarah said...

Oh man I am just dying over Will right now!!! He is sooooooo handsome! And you're right, much more like a little boy than a toddler! I'm gonna die. So cute.

InDeeds said...

Will looks so handsome! Nice work on haircuts for both!

Maura said...

I love Will's haircut! I love boys with a clean, short do. He looks so handsome!