Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Real Haircuts

I can't believe its nearly been two weeks since Emma and I got our hair cut! Our extremely talented friend, Sarah, did our hair and we love it!

I went first and Emma enjoyed watching me, but kept asking if I was done yet so it could be her turn!

Did a great job sitting still!

She was so excited!

When I asked her if she wanted it cut short, she said she wanted "a little bit of hair"....so we went with short!

Big girl!

She looks so grown up with her new haircut, don't you think?

And since there were no pictures of my actual haircut, here is a decent shot of just me, although its hard to tell how short the bob is in the back! I love it!

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guitargirl75 said...

Yeah, I love how Emma describes her hair. I asked her if she liked her hair long or short, and she said, "I like it little." You just explained the comment! Sooo cute (both of you!) Kudos to Sarah for doing such a good job.