Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We've been taking turns being sick the last few weeks. Its been pretty crazy, especially considering that we hadn't had much more than a cold until March! Will had croup and pneumonia, then got a rash, then Emma has had a stomach bug that knocked her out Monday especially. I'm mostly over a cold but Martin has it now...we can't wait to all be healthy again!

So while Emma has been down for the count,

Will and I have had some special time together.

While I worked on dinner one night I set him up with shaving cream and a paint brush.

He had a blast, but kept putting it in his mouth! He would make an awful face and we'd wipe it out, but then he would lick the shaving cream again...crazy kid!

And its become obvious how much Will depends on Emma to play with. He's been getting into all sorts of creative trouble, like with the toilet paper...

and chilling on the dishwasher.

I suppose I grabbed the camera first each time instead of getting him down or cleaning up! He's such a stinker.

And he is currently obsessed with Craisins. Totally. Obsessed. This has been happening a lot lately (you can hear Emma languishing in the background near the end):

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guitargirl75 said...

Ah hahaha! At one point he says "Craisins! I got them!" Oh, boy, what a kid! The photos were great. What fun with shaving cream. Go figure why he would keep tasting it. I guess it was "interesting"...Hope Emma's all better, and Martin, too.