Friday, June 1, 2012


We have a nice variety of playgrounds in the area, and depending on what we have going on during the day, we go to different ones!

Here are a few pictures from our neighborhood playground. Emma loves going down "the big green slide" and she is so pleased with how brave she is because she used to think it was scary.

Will likes to climb up and down the stairs more than slide right now. He also loves to play with this spinning toy that has the planets on it. Martin told him the names of the planets once several months ago and he has never forgotten! He can name and correctly identify Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn! Not too shabby for a year and a half :-)

He also likes to reach his hand through the stairs and have me just up and give him "5".

Our favorite little playground is nice and quite and has a good set of swings.

Though not quite as much fun as this swanky swing in Townsend.

And Will is even more dangerous! He learned how to climb up this climber on his own. I don't trust him one bit, so I usually am standing right next to him the whole time (unless we need a photo).

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guitargirl75 said...! I'm not sure what to be more impressed by, is it how brave and big Emma has gotten, Wills seeming ability to do whatever he decides to, or Beth Anne's way of giving her kids fun wherever they happen to be and then telling us all about it? Maybe it's Martin, who didn't think it was too hard to teach his 1 1/2 year old son the names of the planets? Well done to all of you!