Thursday, May 31, 2012


We've been strawberry picking almost every week and we will be so sad when the strawberry season is over. Recently we've been picking at Fairview Sod Farm in Townsend.

Strawberries have been $1.50 a pound which is fantastic, and we picked a ton of berries this past week especially.

The fields are a little harder to navigate than Filasky's because the rows are very wide and not well defined. But Will had no trouble roaming off by himself to snack!

Last week Will and Jordan sat by the strawberries and ate their weight!

Will was literally covered in strawberry juice...all down his front and all down his back (from sitting on strawberries and squashing them!)

The field is huge and Fairview is supposed to still be open for U-pick berries this week. (here is the article from the Delaware News Journal with Emma's picture from our time picking at Filasky's).

They also have chickens and sell brown eggs.

Emma and Will love getting to sit and watch the chickens while I pay for the strawberries!

This week we made strawberry freezer jam. Its a winner!


Maura said...

where is the farm located? I may just have to head there on wednesday to get some...

Beth Anne said...

It's off green giant road, there is a sign where you turn off 71. I would call before you GI just to make sure there are still berries though 302-378-0611