Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend in North Carolina

forewarning: long post with lots of pictures. And be on the lookout for many more posts in the next few days!

We had such a nice weekend (now 2 weeks ago!)...filled with hundreds of miles in the car, not quite as much sleep as we would have liked, a reunion with friends, a quick visit with family, and hydrogen peroxide in my eye.
We left Middletown around 5pm, planning that the kids would fall asleep for most of the trip. They did well at first, but we're totally excited. As we drove through Middletown Emma began her version of are we there yet by repeating "are we in Kellen's neighborhood now?" for the next 200 miles.
They enjoyed a special treat in the car, watching Finding Nemo on the iPad. The glee on their faces is priceless!

We made it to Pittsboro and the Thompson's house just after midnight, and without getting lost along the way. The next day was laid back--a trip to the park, complete with playground, picnic lunch, and sticking our feet in the lake.

The kiddos enjoyed playing outside together while waiting for dinner.

And after they were settled in bed we had a little fire in the backyard and made s'mores.

Here's where the hydrogen peroxide comes in...by the end my contact was very dry and not in my eye properly. Since I couldn't see, Martin grabbed some contact solution for me and just as I was putting it in my eye he realized he should have checked the label. It burned like crazy and took a whole day to really feel better. Thankfully, I've had no problems since then, however!
Saturday we went to Raleigh and spent the morning visiting with Omi and Pap Pap and saw a little of Aunt Becca before the wedding of Becca's friends from college that we got to know.
Emma did pretty well for the ceremony, playing with her coloring book and watching what was going on.

Will sat for about 3 minutes playing on the calculator, but spent most of the service walking around with Pap Pap.

Which was totally fine with him because they got to see the horse and carriage before anyone else and Mr Will got to sit up with the driver. Look at that delighted face!

We really wanted to get a nice picture of all of us together, but photo ops rarely go as planned...

Little miss is showing off that stubborn streak in pictures frequently now, even here covering her mouth so that even if she couldn't hold back the smile, it still wouldn't be in the photo!

Sans kids shot looks pretty good to me!

Sunday we kept things very low key, church, pizza, and a visit with Aunt Becca!


That evening we had a great game of Settlers. It really was anyone's game, but somehow Martin squeaked it out. How many times have we played Settlers?

Monday morning we said our goodbyes and headed home. Thankfully, it was an uneventful drive back and both Emma and Will caught up on a little sleep.

What a great weekend!

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