Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nebulizer and more nebulizer

Poor Will is back on the nebulizer. He had another cold and double ear infection last week, and we are continuing his nebulizer treatments still. He has a really hard time sitting still for them (no kidding!) so the easiest way is for him to be in his high chair.

He's usually pretty good about the nebulizer, and here is a look at what most of his treatments look like:

Starts off pretty well, even willing to put the nebulizer in his mouth and breathe. 

Getting distracted by the mouthpiece and wants to take it on and off.

Mommy holds the mouthpiece on and Will gets annoyed.

A struggle ensues, in which Will throws himself around and we do our best to make sure he's still got the nebulizer in his face.

Emma comes over to help comfort and Will gets more annoyed by her trying to tickle than he is by the nebulizer.

So, we go back to being pleasant and helpful.

Yep, these pictures are all in order. What a stinker.

We also usually have Will play with his cars on his tray. Daddy discovered that the tray is a perfect racetrack, which keeps Will quite entertained.


Lindsay G. said...

I hope Will gets better soon. Poor baby.

guitargirl75 said...

Sweet boy. He's trying so hard to do what needs to be done. Love to all.

Maura said...

Poor guy....It looks like you are missing a piece though...we always use a t-shaped adapted and then a longer tube so you can hold and have it blow toward his mouth....or the mask?

Beth Anne said...

We have a few of the kind with the long tube but the smaller mouthpiece seems to be easier for him...less distracting!

Maura said...

We would always read books, play with a special toy or munch on Cheerios to help the process as well. Good Luck!