Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amazing Grace

We have tried to teach Emma and Will songs that are not just silly "kids" music (both secular and Christian), and they continue to impress us with how quickly they learn. We sing some substantial songs before bed each night, and both Emma and Will have learned many hymns from just the repetition of singing them each night. In fact, they often prefer to sing these songs than the "typical" kids songs.

I think we (our culture and us personally) often assume that we have to dumb things down for kids and keep things silly or goofy just to keep kids interested. We sell them short and do them a disservice by not expecting more of them. I am thankful that God gives us so much grace, especially in our parenting! And I'm also thankful that he gives us sweet rewards, like hearing our kids praise him with their songs.


Suzie Sunshine said...

awwww how precious! Nate loved it too... he started smiling and hitting his hand on the table, which indicates "more".

guitargirl75 said...

Oh, how sweet and precious! What a blessing for them to know these songs. One day they will understand, but for now, you are planting seeds that will grow into great things for God. And I love Will's hair combed to the side like that. He looks so old! Thank you to Emma for leading the singing!

Adrian and Meredith said...

Two of Lyndon's favorite, most requested songs are from Broadway musicals, which are some of the wordiest songs out there. Not that they're particularly Christian, but I do love all the vocabulary he's learning.

This is also why I love Laurie Berkner, btw. Fun, but definitely not dumbed-down.

Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on...thought this was appropriate and on point: