Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time with friends

We got to hang out with the Thompsons for a few hours this past weekend. They were in Delaware for a few very busy days, but we spent Saturday morning visiting during a large community yard sale. The weather was beautiful; a cool spring morning that warmed up nicely. 

Emma, Will, and Kellen enjoyed chasing each other around and particularly blowing (and spilling!) bubbles.

This little container ended up mostly on Kellen :-)

Its been so great to see our kids still get so excited to see each other, even though the visits are often several months in between. Emma loves to love on Kellen.

And this visit he was much more willing to hold hands and let her hug him!

The funny part is that Kellen and Will are closer in age than Emma and Kellen, and they are turning into little trouble makers together....playing with the music...

and enjoying cookies together...

This is such a sweet picture! 


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, boys will be boys! I do notice, however, that age has its privileges...Emma was in charge of the bubble-blowing activity! :)

InDeeds said...

That last picture is so very sweet!

lindsay said...

Its so sweet to watch the little ones play together. I hope they grow to be good friends!