Friday, April 6, 2012

An Early Easter

Last weekend we went to Maryland to visit with our family. It was great to get to see (most) everyone.

Will and Oma having fun!

Emma helped Omi to snap green beans for dinner. And Will came over every few minutes to beg another green bean snack. These kids sure do love their veggies!

We went to the playground briefly on Saturday; the weather was a little odd, either bright sun and warm or cloudy and cool. Unfortunately, the clouds rolled in as we got to the playground.

Molly mostly kept her distance from Will. But she did let him pet her and play together some. He is (as Emma likes to tell everyone) "so obsessed with dogs".

And what's in the Easter baskets? New shake and go cars!

Nope, no one liked that at all.

Emma was thrilled to finally get Finn McMissile, and the two of them sat in the hall and played with the cars for a while. Somehow I managed to not get any pictures of Pap-Pap, likely because he was kept busy running the trains!

We went to church with Grandma on Palm Sunday, and Emma and Will had a blast with the easter eggs.

We spent a lot of time outside hunting eggs over and over, and the weather was beautiful.

A picture of me! 

Love Will's dimple.

So many eggs!

Taking a break...

So much fun!

Happy (early) Easter! He is risen!


Great Oma said...

Love the pictures. We all had some real fun.

guitargirl75 said...

Great photos! Happy Easter to you all as well! Loved having you here. He is risen indeed!