Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun Lunch

Emma and Will enjoyed a special lunch the other day - just because! 

I put their different lunch foods in little silicone cupcake holders. I've been trying to get them more used to eating something other than PB&J everyday for lunch.

Emma was very excited and kept talking about "the cute little cups"!

She also finished her salami first. I was shocked; usually she does not do well with lunch meat! 

The menu was salami, hard boiled egg, cheese, craisins, apple, and crackers. Will was thrilled, and of course, his Craisins were gone first!

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guitargirl75 said...

Oh, what cuteness! Emma is sooo precious in that second picture! What a beautiful smile! And poor Will looks like he's been in a fight...scabs on his hands and his face, and now a double ear infection. What a kid! Give him a kiss and hug from Omi, and hope he feels better soon.