Friday, December 21, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg

We had a nice mini-vacation in early December to Williamsburg. We were there to use a Groupon to Great Wolf Lodge, but had to make a quick stop in Colonial Williamsburg. I had never been at Christmastime, and it was beautiful.

Emma and Will enjoyed the the wagon.
Check out the authentic Colonial lantern!

Not something you see everyday...Emma kept yelling "watch out for the poop!"

The Kings Arms

In the stocks.... root beer!
And a special treat - Ginger Cookies
Will did a great job pulling the wagon for a while

Walking with Pap

The Capital building, just before sunset.

While walking around Williamsburg was great, the real reason we were there was to see the Fife and Drummers. Emma and Will absolutely LOVE seeing a video Pap Pap took more than a year ago, and they were so excited to see them in person.

We marched with the fifes and drums all the way down Duke of Gloucester Street, listening to them play. The final song was Yankee Doodle Dandy. So much fun!

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guitargirl75 said...

That was a fun time. I will always remember that...I've never seen them march after dark.