Monday, December 17, 2012

Martin's birthday

We celebrated Martin's birthday with a day early trip to Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse for dinner. They have great burgers and (a favorite for the celebrant) sweet potato fries.

They also have animals mounted on the walls that come alive and speak periodically. Will was especially excited about this!

Sweet picture of Emma and Daddy!

Mommy and Will (who still couldn't keep his eyes of the animals)

The kids meals came with ice cream that they got to eat with a stick. I remember using these at the Hartman reunion specifically. We were pretty sure they were going to get ice cream everywhere since there was no spoon, but surprisingly, the stick worked excellently!

In fact, it worked substantially better than a spoon. Our hypothesis is that the ice cream does not melt as quickly on the wooden stick as on a metal spoon :)

Martin had the day of for his birthday and we had some special fun as a family. We also ordered Martin's iPhone and case and he is loving it!

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