Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 months - first cereal!

Emma is 5 months old! The time sure has flown by. We are loving all the new things she can do. She really likes to play now, with toys and with people. She is fascinated by books, trying to grab the pages and hold them herself. Emma LOVES to sit, especially for play time now. She is "already observing the world with a great deal of interest."

We gave her cereal for the first time on Saturday. Emma was a bit apprehensive at first:

But she quickly learned what the spoon did and what treasures it contained. She wanted to help feed herself already:

She likes to eat! (she got that part honest!):


Lindsay Bell said...

So cute! Emma is getting so big. She looks so proud of herself after eating her first bite of cereal. :-)

KaidensMommy said...

Emma is getting SO big! Our outside time in the morning is 10:10-10:50. You should definately stop by sometime, we'd love to see you! So let me know when you decide to...Take care!

KaidensMommy said...

hey...had a question, how are you going about giving emma the cereal? Any certain time of the day? After a feeding?i know everyone has their own way of doing it, just wondering what yours was :) Looks like she's lovin it!