Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a storm!!

We had a crazy storm last night! Not only was there copious amounts of rain, but hail too. I have never seen so much hail. The wind was blowing really, really hard, and the wind was so loud against the house. There were tornado warnings in the area, so that's pretty scary. I'm really glad Becca was here with me and Emma, because it was pretty intense!

We watched our table and chairs get blown by the wind. In fact, one of our chairs ended up 3 yards over from our house! For a minute there we thought the table was going to go through the sliding door.

This much hail collected in one of the pots outside:

Our neighbors the Johnston's tree blew over completely:

Out front you can see how hard the wind was blowing:
And all the hail covering the ground:

And saddest of all:

My tomato plants that had just begun to flower:


Anonymous said...

My sympathies about the tomato plants!!!! That really IS the saddest part :( hopefully they can bounce back. I misses you BAAAAAAA hopefully I can see you sometime soon!!

InDeeds said...

Yikes - it seems everyone got it much harder than we did....we didn't see any hail. Just lots of wind and lightening.

KAP said...

my condolences for your tomato plants :(

KAP said...

My condolences for your tomato plants :(