Thursday, August 20, 2009

7 months old!

Emma is getting SO big!
She's been able to sit in a high chair when we've gone out now:
She still loves the camera:

She really likes animals, no matter how big or small. Our friends have two dogs that Emma loves to play with. Nikki is the big girl that Emma has no fear around:

And Emma loves that Lucy licks her all over! The other day Emma was holding out her hands to try and pet Lucy, who promptly began licking her hands and Emma thought it was the funniest thing - she laughed and laughed!

Emma is pulling up now too. She loves standing. If we hold out our hands, she reaches for them and pulls herself up into a stand. She has pulled up on her own too!

Some of her favorite things to do are read books (translation: eat books), play with balls (translation: eat balls), and play with paper (translation: eat paper). Anyone seeing a theme here?