Monday, August 10, 2009

Pizza Johns

You may remember when Martin received Pizza Johns pizzas for Christmas last year. Well those were not the real Pizza Johns, that we only visit about once a year (because it is located in Essex, MD).

The last weekend in July we were going to be close to Essex to go to a wedding, so Martin saw the perfect opportunity to introduce Emma to Martin's favorite food EVER.

We took the obligatory picture with the Pizza Johns pizza man:

And ordered (do you see the delight on Martin's face?):

Pizza Johns:
Martin grew up eating the crust at Pizza Johns before he had teeth, so our plan was to give Emma some crust as well. She was anxious to get her hands on it:

So much so that even the menu looks tasty!

Finally! The moment she had been waiting for:

Well she loved it! (not that we were surprised at all!) And can't wait to go back:


InDeeds said...

so cute!

Anonymous said...

Ah, glad to see our little girl is getting introduced to one of the best, most complete foods that exist! Love, Pap Pap/Dad p.s. - thanks for hosting our visit - we enjoyed seeing you all.