Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Six Months Old

Today Will turns six months old! Its been a wild ride for Will so far, with reflux, being sick, etc, but things seem to be settling down a bit now.

He is a super happy kid, and we are so thankful for Prevacid! His reflux rarely bothers him now, and even the spitting up is less. He is really gaining weight now, and we find out how much he weighs Friday at his check-up.

About 2 weeks ago this showed up:

A tooth! (Yes, just one!) He looks so adorable with his one little tooth, and it feels like #2 isn't too much further behind.

Will has a great laugh. If you haven't heard it, you probably haven't seen us recently because he is always laughing and smiling these days. He throws his head back and laughs, and loves to be tickled.

Will is already a big O's fan, as you know. Emma is teaching him to say "Go Orioles! Boo Yankees!"

He still has an abundance of toe fuzz. Not the cut-your-circulation off variety anymore, but the blue variety.

Will enjoys checking out whatever Emma is doing, so the trains are a blast. His new favorite way to hold himself on his belly is literally on his belly. He flails all four limbs and rocks on his tummy. He tries to crawl by getting his knees up under but doesn't go anywhere. On his back its a different story...he can scoot across the room, or pull a 360.

And those toes are the best built-in toys. He loves his feet and pulling socks off. He managed to pull his pants off once too!

Over the last week, Will has gotten much more stable sitting up! He still throws himself back from time to time, but the balancing is much, much better.

And this kid can talk! He babbles non-stop, probably trying to keep up with Emma (who often provides translations for us). He also loves music, and tries to sing along!

Will is an eating machine! He has solid food twice a day and eats two servings of food at dinner. He has mostly had rice cereal and oatmeal, but recently started sweet potatoes. He has his mouth open as soon as the spoon leaves the bowl, so its likely that he doesn't even taste the food!

He is a sweet cuddle bug! He loves to snuggle up in our arms, and of course, loves when Emma smothers him.

He also gives lots of kisses! Will loves Mommy's hair and Emma's hair too. He grabs hold of our heads to give kisses and loves when Emma gets her face up in his so that he can hold her hair too.
(Another look at that tooth)

Happy 6 month birthday, Will! We love you so much and are excited for the changes that come in the next 6 months too!


Maura said...

oh, my...he is so, super-duper cute! Happy 6 months! what a fun age!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful pictorial! Happy Birthday indeed to our precious Grandson! We definitely haven't seen him recently enough because we haven't experienced that laughing...maybe we'll have to do something about that soon!

InDeeds said...

Super cute! And it looks like his hair is really growing too!

guitargirl75 said...

Waaaaay off the cute meter with these photos...I just don't know what to say, except, I need to see these two in person--sooon!

Great Oma said...

What a pleasure to see these pictures. Can't believe he's 6 months old. What a cutie, and a TOOTH. I can see that clearly. Hope I get to see him soon. I can't wait. Love you all.

Adrian and Meredith said...

Wow; six months already?

Randy and Terry said...

Yep, you sure do have cute kids! ;) Glad to hear that Will's reflux is under control and not giving him (or you) much problem. Love the pictures!

Eliz. K said...

He's got the best smile! Sweet!

(occasionally following you guys through "Indeeds of Life" :-)