Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's that time of year again!

Opening Day!

Will is standing! Ha, he really does love to stand, but was doing a bit of leaning too.

The O's are in first place today, and so all good Orioles fans know to get our celebrating in now! Of course, we are expecting great things this season, so we plan to be talking about first place a lot over the next few months!

Will is going to get to go to his first game this year!

And Emma still has a perfect winning percentage at O's games! We hope to keep that up!

Orioles Magic, feel it happen!


ChewBecca said...

Will goes nom nom nom nom I love me some Orioles!!!!!! bahahaha I love it. this is probably my favorite. post. ever. Hopefully I will get to come to a game with yall!!!!!!

Sarah said...

I think the picture of Emma in the hat is my fave ever of her :) You're bringing these kids up right, BA!!! :)

Great Oma said...

I can just hear them "Go O's". Probably the first words Will will say. Do you think so? Great pictures, but how could they be anything else?

Anonymous said...

So it's all in fun, but dressing these little dumplins up in their O's regalia has got them off to the best start since 1997! Coincidence?? I don't think so...! :)