Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Emma seems to have a pretty good eye for observation at this point. Or maybe its just a great imagination. Or maybe its both!

She frequently tells me about things she "finds" in her food. Eating PB&J one day she held up a piece that was bigger on one end and smaller on the other. "Christmas Tree" she proclaimed. It did almost look triangular. Then she said, "eat star" and took a bite off of the smaller, pointy end. Crazy.

She was playing with her cheese at lunch the other day...or so I thought.

"I find you!" I thought she meant me, which didn't make a ton of sense given the situation. Then she held out her hand and showed me

U. The letter U. She found a few more before she ate all her cheese.

Crazy kid!


Anonymous said...

She's not crazy! She's SMART!!!! Good genes!!! ;)

Lindsay G. said...

Emma is so smart!She's so advanced for her age!