Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tot School

Emma is 25.5 months
Tot School
The last two weeks have been filled with potty training! Except for sleeping and travel, Emma has been out of diapers full time, and she is doing a great job! She still goes in her underwear from time to time, but probably less than once a day at this point. The big breakthrough this week was #2 in the potty, though that did lead to our first BIG mess (on Sunday morning before church no less!!) -- yuck!

Our other ongoing Tot School activities include:
practicing letters out loud (she can recognize all but 4 letters)
practicing numbers out loud (she counts to 11 or 12 on her own, sometimes skipping 6)
Catechism (working on What is the chief end of man? When asked Are there more Gods than one? she can answer "no, there is one true God")
Memorizing Proverbs 3:5
Potty training!!

Emma loves being a big sister! She does a great job helping with Will and is so sweet and attentive to him. She is super excited to share her high chair with him and watch him eat off a spoon!

Emma has been enjoying art with shaving cream! We use it with a brush and as finger paint. She loved using the brush...

but was not sure about the mess on her hands at first.

She warmed up to it, though, and has asked to do more shaving cream painting! (we use Barbasol...lots of foam and only $1 for a can at the Dollar Tree)

Emma is starting to show us a creative side; she found the letter U in her cheese,

drew a "hat" on in the bathtub,

as well as "ovals" in the tub.

She also enjoys going to the grocery store, both for real and with her pretend shopping cart.

She sets up a "store" and then goes and puts the food in her cart!

We are thankful for warmer weather, so hopefully we'll get to take Tot School outside a bit more over the next few weeks!


guitargirl75 said...

ohhhhhhh, Emma is getting soo big! I miss spending time with her. And Will looks so handsome in the high chair! What a big boy. Can't wait to hug and kiss them both.

The Princess and the Tot said...

Yay on the potty training!! Shaving cream is such an awesome tool, both now and later! It's perfect for practicing letter writing!

Anonymous said...

Tried to comment yesterday but something didn't let it go through - just so gratified and thankful for how you and Martin are already storing up God's word in her heart so that He can use it to bring her to Himself! Love you all!

Maura said...

Good stuff! We love shaving cream. It is fun to run toy cars through it too and we used it last week when we did Dr. Suess' ABC book and the boys practiced their letters.