Monday, March 28, 2011

Emma and Will

Will was ready for some pictures; Emma wasn't quite sure yet.

He convinced her!

So sweet!

Will is starting to get a little bit of chub! He weighs almost 15 pounds now!


Randy and Terry said...

Those two are so dang adorable, BA! And I love Will's smile in the first pic!! Love seeing you so happy and with such a lovely family. :)

Anonymous said...

What a big smile in that last picture...while most of his pictures favor Martin, that one also reminds me of Emma, too. Love 'em both! And their Mommy and Daddy too!!!

guitargirl75 said...

I agree w/Pap Pap...I do see the resemblance between Emma and Will in that last pic. And I love that Will's face is filling out. It shows his meds are working, and I'm soooo glad he's feeling better!
Love and kisses all around!