Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book List: through May

I've not done a great job recording my books here, but I am still in love with Goodreads! It is such an easy way to keep track of the things you are reading.

Last time my favorites were all non-fiction, and I was struggling to find some fiction that I really enjoyed. I've since discovered a new favorite author - Dorothy Sayers. She was a contemporary of Lewis and Tolkien, and wrote some fascinating thoughts on education in The Lost Tools of Learning. I've really gotten hooked on her detective stories though. Her characters are delightful and the stories are masterfully crafted and full of twists. So far I've read Whose Body? and Clouds of Witness.

I also really enjoyed reading Men of Iron, by Howard Pyle. This was a re-read in that my mom read it aloud to us when I was homeschooled, but I had forgotten most of the story. I love the way Pyle writes about the nature of boyhood and the transformation of a boy becoming a man.

I also found a great book about bread-making, Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. We have really enjoyed this bread - it reminds me of the bread they serve at Carrabba's! I'm not doing as much bread baking now that its so hot since the oven needs to be on for about an hour at 450!

Any great recommendations for books?

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Ten Page said...

One of my English colleagues recommended "Brave New World" way back in January, and I finally got around to reading it (I'm accidentally reading a handful of dystopian books). Wow. It's very disturbing, but I think Huxley was spot-on. For thought-provoking reading, I definitely recommend it.