Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time is flying!

Can you believe that May is over halfway over already? Crazy!

I was able to get the camera hooked up to the computer for some of the photos I've been hanging on to for a few weeks now.

Summertime looks good on Emma!

Will loves the swings (and the himself!)

Sweet boy. Still just that one tooth showing.

The other day these two were playing together really well, and with Darth Tater no less. Emma told me that Darth Vader needed "his hat....and his blue shoes...and his flashlight!" (lightsaber) Will was equally excited about the "flashlight" and made sure to get a good chew in on it!


Sarah said...

So sweet :) I love Will's face in that last picture.

Please observe the beautifully pointed toes Emma is showing off - sign that girl up for ballet!!

InDeeds said...

Love the sunglasses - and love the picture of the two of them. So sweet.