Thursday, September 15, 2011


Emma is quite the talker. (No, really?) Her gift of gab is usually pretty cute, so we try to write down many of her little one-liners. Like at bedtime recently...

"When I do this" (she squints her eyes shut) "you are dark"

And overheard while having a snack of animal crackers...
"I will eat you, gorilla!"

(yep, that's our girl!)

Peanut butter and jelly is a regular staple at lunch around here. It didn't take too long for Emma to notice that I like to put chips in my peanut butter and honey sandwiches and she wanted to try it too. One day I made her sandwich and stuck chips in it as a surprise, which she really enjoyed. She told me,

"I think there are chips in here. I feeled them when I took a bite and I like the noise they make."

I think Great Pap-Pap would have been tickled about that one!

Sometimes we are amazed by the truth that comes out of her mouth. She ran up to me a few days ago while I was making dinner and said,

"I am happy that Jesus is alive!"

We are teaching her catechism questions and answers, one of which is Can you see God? She answered correctly, "No, but he sees me." And then she added, "I might look for God." 

Martin told her "we are supposed to seek God" and I asked, "Where would you look for God?"

Without hesitation she told us. "In the Jesus Storybook Bible."

Spot on, kiddo.


Maura said...

that just made me smile....

Anonymous said...

We are so delighted, thankful, overjoyed, tickled, humbled, impressed, happy, blessed, excited. Love to you all!

ChewBecca said...

My baby girl is growing up!!!!! ok, YOUR baby girl..whatever. These made me smile, i love her little sayings! and it is amazing what kids will say when you talk about God around them and are diligent in teaching them things about the Bible like yall are doing. Keep up the good work :) love you guys

guitargirl75 said...

I agree with Pap and Becca! and Maura...thanks for posting the pics and great to hear and see!